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- The heated humidifier has been designed to resolve the undesirable effects of administering dry and cold oxygen, in intensive care units, to adults as wells as to infant.
- The humidification chamber is made in atoxic and unbreakable plastic.
- The electronic system is microprocessor controlled, easy to use, with an external control with allows the liquid to reach from 35ºC to 55ºC, obtaining between 28ºC y 33ºC at exit, depending on the flow.

CM 04 cd: which controls the water temperature in the humidification chamber.
CM 04: model which heated tubes.
CM 04 T: model servocontroled, with a digital thermometer, sensor located at the mouthpiece.
CM 04 cd TR: transport model idem CM 04 cd with 12 VCC alimentation.
The humidifier also has a mechanical safety thermostat, wich disconnects the system when the termperature surpasses 60ºC , there by avoiding overheating.

Models CM 04 cd; CM 04; CM 04 T: 220 VAC, 50 Hz, others voltajes availables.
Model CM 04 cd TR: external 12 VCC.

All equipmentes complies with IEC 60601/1 and IRAM 4220 requeriments.

  - Unit that allows to mix, compressed air and oxygen, automatically adjustable between 21% and 100% of oxygen.

MODEL BL-3500: Idem Model BL-3500 A, without pneumatic alarm and bypass valve
MODEL BL-3500 A: This model has an pneumatic alarm, that is also activated when the difference of pressure between both gases is more than 1,5 Kg/Cm2.
When this alarm is triggered, the mixer automatically opens a bypass valve, that allows continue function with the remaining gas.
Adjustable flow with a flowmeter from 2 to 32 LPM

Compressed Air: Between 2,5 to 5 Kg/Cm2
Oxygen: Between 2,5 to 5 Kg/Cm2
Maximum difference of pressure between both gases: Less than 1,5 Kg/Cm2.

All equipmentes complies with IEC 60601/1 and IRAM 4220 requeriments.

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